Learn all about the Power of the FORCE girls!


theFORCEbookFangirls member STRWRSGRL interviews ‘the biggest fangirl there is’ ~ Lin-zy Busch ~ creator of the Power of the FORCE girls!

Lin-zy Busch has the Power of the FORCE!  Liz zy: She illustrates…she fabricates…even rocks puppetry. She’s an all around creative visionary!

Lin-zy has described herself as the biggest fangirl there is. Lister to her talk about Star Wars, art,  hair, life, being a fangirl and her three little girls: Petal, Peanut and Babbles. If you don’t know who they are, you soon will.


The Power of the FORCE Girls were born when Lin-zy wondered, “What would happen if George Lucas (Star Wars, Indiana Jones) and Craig McCracken (Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory) fell in love and had a baby? Creatively-speaking.

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The next podcast is scheduled to air 11/30/12 interviewing theFORCEbook and Star Wars Celebrity: Joe Corroney


Local Nerdery – Boston, Masschusetts

On Sunday, November 18 I attended the Boston Super MegaFest 2012 in Framingham, Massachusetts.

So yeah, it’s no comic con but a fun time nonetheless.  I always love how for one day, or a few hours you can sort of forget real life and just immerse yourself in the all around nerdery and be happy to see that there are people out there are marvel in it as much if not more than you.

The highlight of the day (among many) was meeting and shaking hands with Mr. David Prowse.  The man inside the Darth Vader suit.  A super cool, soft spoken gentleman who spent an extra ten minutes chatting with my roommate (an avid Star Wars fan) after the autograph signing, and also held an hour long Q & A session with the fans.


Other Star Wars related guests included Deep Roy and Rusty Goffe.

Not only was it amazing to see Star Wars guests but also I was immersed with the presence of Superman (Dean Cain) and Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) (*swoon*).  A great time chatting up with Bruce Boxleitner (Tron – Fight for the users!)


Members of the 501st Legion’s New England Garrison and the Rebel Legion’s Alderaan Base were there for photos and taking donations for “Toys for Tots”


I didn’t get a picture taken with Jabba this year but I did manage to get myself immersed 2 years ago in the awesomeness of a bunch of Mandalorians in Jabba’s palace.


My favorite thing that I scored: I got three really cool vintage Star Wars postcards for a $1


The most important part of any convention, more than the celebrity is always the fans.  The best is when an entire family dresses up together. How is that not the coolest thing on the planet?


If finances permitted it, we’d live every single day of our lives attending conventions and meeting awesome sci fi celebs that bring their talent on the screen and make us fans dance with joy, however, real life always finds itself to get in the way.  So, it’s always fun to attend local cons and see fellow fans that you usually see shopping at the grocery store or filling up their tanks at the gas station just dress as a Tusken raider or a Scout Trooper for a day and make others happy!  This is the reason we all love costume parties and especially Halloween because the inner geek is always itching to get out.  And face it, the fact that many of us spend hundreds of dollars buying or making costumes from our favorite movies and comics really needs to get more attention!


And no convention is ever finished without getting the right TSHIRT for it.  Totally worth the $20 for this “Motor Sith Empire” Tee to mark the occassion.  This is going to get the hell worn out of it!


To see all the pictures go to my picasa album (there aren’t that many of them unlike the Celebration photos that span across hundreds of pictures over four days). Enjoy and please comment, I like them!

Bonnie Piesse


theFORCEbook Fangirls: STRWRSGRL & MCJAZZIE recently had a great opportunity to interview actress, singer, songwriter Bonnie Piesse who played “Aunt Beru” in two Star Wars Prequels (AOTC & ROTS).

The interview is available to download / on-demand on Blog Talk Radio and on iTunes.

We asked her questions about her Star Wars experience, Acting career in general and her life as a Singer and Songwriter.  (She really is the sweetest woman to talk to).  Additionally, we had theFORCEbook members send us questions they wished to ask her and we did and she answered happily!

You can find Bonnie on the web…

Bonnie is currently running a campaign to record an EP on indiegogo.com that will continue through Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 11:59PM PT. Show your support by participating in this campaign and get some really cool prizes.

Read more about “Bonnie Piesse – There’s life after death on Tatooine

Hear the Blog Talk Radio interview with strwrsgrl & mcjazzie

My favorite part about the interview: Suggesting to Bonnie that she should write a song inspired by a lullaby Aunt Beru would sing to a fussy baby Luke!

Next live interview on Blog Talk Radio will be on November 16, 2012 at 11 PM EST and we’ll be interviewing Lin-zy Busch

“S@#* Happens…”

Thoughts on the Onderon Arc / Tipping Points and you know the other ‘Thing’

So I made the mistake of accidentally reading a review for Tipping Points and then I just waited for Steela to die. I would have liked to be surprised while watching the show but well S@#* Happens. It’s sad that she died because that just further confuses the Jedi path for Ahsoka since we would have liked to see Ahsoka not be seduced by the romantic side of the Force.  (And by ‘we’ I mean me)

Speaking of “S@#* Happens…” So Disney bought Star Wars huh? More like George Lucas sold Star Wars huh?

My favorite part (see: ridiculous) about George Lucas talking in one interview (paraphrasing) that HE said he wasn’t going to make 7, 8, 9 but that doesn’t mean Kathleen Kennedy wasn’t going to make 7, 8, 9… My reaction to that was basically “Okay, Palpatine.”  I never said I wasn’t Darth Sidious, no one asked me.



My other favorite quote about these exciting times of our lives was (by me) “It’s like when they cancelled enterprise and all the trekkies rioted.  They’re making all of us the Force users see the light outside our mom’s basement.”

But in all seriousness (or not) I personally don’t have a problem with Disney making the next Star Wars movies. I mean Disney is HUGE, no we really aren’t going to have Jedi wearing Mickey Mouse ears (honestly, calm your self).  Maybe I don’t know much about Disney, from what I have witnessed so far, many people from all walks of life hate them (Feminists, Asexuals, Lesbians, etc…).  But this is how I see it, um, they’re a corporation, they’re in it to make money. They’re going to make movies, and we are going to watch them.  Some movies will be crappy, some movies will be great.

If I learned ANYTHING from attending Star Wars Celebration VI, it was that George Lucas has always targeted his movies towards kids, he’s all about kids, he believes Star Wars is ultimately for kids so it only makes sense that he sold it to Disney.  We are all lying if we say ‘no we’re not going to go watch them.’ OF COURSE we’re going to go watch the Star Wars movies.  I am just glad it’s a continuation and not a remake because, my heart, it’s not ready for THAT.

And for those that are worried about EU cannon-ness (or whatever the geeky terms are), of course they’re not necessarily going to stay true to it.  Look at the all the comic books that get made into movies, and Harry Potter Universe in movies, it doesn’t stay true to the books.  Some things work better in books, some things work better in the movies.  I don’t know why people are just so attached to something, …for in movement there is life, and in change there is power!

Additionally the TCW isn’t going to go on forever. I mean we all know where Anakin, Obi-wan and the clones are headed.


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