A New Year – A New Star Wars Obsession

A very quick overview of a Star Wars 2012 to a Star Wars 2013


2012 started out pretty great with watching Episode 1 in 3D at the theaters and receiving two collector’s item 3D Maul glasses that I eventually passed on to fellow theFORCEbook members.

Highlights of 2012 would most definitely have to be attending Celebration VI in August and meeting so many of my ‘online’ theFORCEbook and Twitter friends and making more friends while there.  It was definitely the highlight of my year, something that I will truly treasure.  Also attending The Super Mega Fest in November in Framingham, Ma (Also driving a car w/out adult supervision!)

I started to list a few of the wonderful Star Wars things that happened to me or items I possessed over the last year and turns out that the list would go on forever, so here are top ten (in random order):
1.    Helping start theFORCEbook Fangirls podcast with STRWRSGRL
2.    The Boba Fett Helmet as an anniversary present.
3.    The Boba Fett Action Figure I bought for myself
4.    The Star Wars shoe-laces from SWCVI.
5.    The Clock my friend gifted me while we were at SWCVI
6.    Winning a Raffle on theFORCEbook from ‘Cherry‘ and getting the Jedi Academy Trilogy books (and a Grievous figure – as a side bonus) ~ don’t judge me, I haven’t read them yet.
7.    Meeting cool Star Wars celebrities such as Daniel Logan, Jake Lloyd, David Prowse, Dave Filoni.


8.    The Smuggler’s Gambit and Star Wars in 60 minutes – the best performances I saw at Celebration VI.
9.    Relocating my lost Star Wars pin I bought at Megafest in 2010 and then had eventually lost it for a full year.
10.  And last but not least, my very cool – Mandalorian Mercs Poster with the caption ‘Teach your sons to be strong, your daughters to be stronger.’

The Future:

Things I wish I could do -of course- like any other Star Wars fan – Attend Celebration Europe but most definitely going to Disney Star Wars Weekend!

Attend the Super Mega Fest again in November 2013; it’ll definitely have to be an annual ritual from now.

Getting inked! 2011 was a big year for a very big Fett helmet, looking forward to saving money to add onto the half sleeve I have been longing to attain and achieving it in 2013. (Sadly there was no ink in 2012)

Halloween dressing-up-ness. 2012 was Han Solo so finding cool costume designs for 2013 is definitely a must!

Definitely collect more art! (Not sure how I will be saving any money for travel if I keep buying Star Wars things)

Cooking! It’s become an integral part of my lifestyle now, having moved to a new place in 2012 has given me a lot of space to work with and definitely looking forward to making some ‘star wars’ inspired dishes and strutting in my awesome apron I also got in ’12 (It really has been a great year!)

Finally, no post would be complete, no year would be complete if there wasn’t a mention of ‘the t-shirts’ (favorite t-shirt of the year) and continuing on to buying more and adding on to the awesome collection ♥

Have a happy (Force-filled) new year! And Looking forward to hearing from other fans about their excitements.  Also make sure to check out theFORCEbook.com if you still haven’t. My life wouldn’t have been this Star Wars-filled awesome if it wasn’t for it! (Also if you join you can get a cool post card in the mail from me!)

And remember, the Force will be with you, always.



Local Nerdery – Boston, Masschusetts

On Sunday, November 18 I attended the Boston Super MegaFest 2012 in Framingham, Massachusetts.

So yeah, it’s no comic con but a fun time nonetheless.  I always love how for one day, or a few hours you can sort of forget real life and just immerse yourself in the all around nerdery and be happy to see that there are people out there are marvel in it as much if not more than you.

The highlight of the day (among many) was meeting and shaking hands with Mr. David Prowse.  The man inside the Darth Vader suit.  A super cool, soft spoken gentleman who spent an extra ten minutes chatting with my roommate (an avid Star Wars fan) after the autograph signing, and also held an hour long Q & A session with the fans.


Other Star Wars related guests included Deep Roy and Rusty Goffe.

Not only was it amazing to see Star Wars guests but also I was immersed with the presence of Superman (Dean Cain) and Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) (*swoon*).  A great time chatting up with Bruce Boxleitner (Tron – Fight for the users!)


Members of the 501st Legion’s New England Garrison and the Rebel Legion’s Alderaan Base were there for photos and taking donations for “Toys for Tots”


I didn’t get a picture taken with Jabba this year but I did manage to get myself immersed 2 years ago in the awesomeness of a bunch of Mandalorians in Jabba’s palace.


My favorite thing that I scored: I got three really cool vintage Star Wars postcards for a $1


The most important part of any convention, more than the celebrity is always the fans.  The best is when an entire family dresses up together. How is that not the coolest thing on the planet?


If finances permitted it, we’d live every single day of our lives attending conventions and meeting awesome sci fi celebs that bring their talent on the screen and make us fans dance with joy, however, real life always finds itself to get in the way.  So, it’s always fun to attend local cons and see fellow fans that you usually see shopping at the grocery store or filling up their tanks at the gas station just dress as a Tusken raider or a Scout Trooper for a day and make others happy!  This is the reason we all love costume parties and especially Halloween because the inner geek is always itching to get out.  And face it, the fact that many of us spend hundreds of dollars buying or making costumes from our favorite movies and comics really needs to get more attention!


And no convention is ever finished without getting the right TSHIRT for it.  Totally worth the $20 for this “Motor Sith Empire” Tee to mark the occassion.  This is going to get the hell worn out of it!


To see all the pictures go to my picasa album (there aren’t that many of them unlike the Celebration photos that span across hundreds of pictures over four days). Enjoy and please comment, I like them!