“S@#* Happens…”

Thoughts on the Onderon Arc / Tipping Points and you know the other ‘Thing’

So I made the mistake of accidentally reading a review for Tipping Points and then I just waited for Steela to die. I would have liked to be surprised while watching the show but well S@#* Happens. It’s sad that she died because that just further confuses the Jedi path for Ahsoka since we would have liked to see Ahsoka not be seduced by the romantic side of the Force.  (And by ‘we’ I mean me)

Speaking of “S@#* Happens…” So Disney bought Star Wars huh? More like George Lucas sold Star Wars huh?

My favorite part (see: ridiculous) about George Lucas talking in one interview (paraphrasing) that HE said he wasn’t going to make 7, 8, 9 but that doesn’t mean Kathleen Kennedy wasn’t going to make 7, 8, 9… My reaction to that was basically “Okay, Palpatine.”  I never said I wasn’t Darth Sidious, no one asked me.



My other favorite quote about these exciting times of our lives was (by me) “It’s like when they cancelled enterprise and all the trekkies rioted.  They’re making all of us the Force users see the light outside our mom’s basement.”

But in all seriousness (or not) I personally don’t have a problem with Disney making the next Star Wars movies. I mean Disney is HUGE, no we really aren’t going to have Jedi wearing Mickey Mouse ears (honestly, calm your self).  Maybe I don’t know much about Disney, from what I have witnessed so far, many people from all walks of life hate them (Feminists, Asexuals, Lesbians, etc…).  But this is how I see it, um, they’re a corporation, they’re in it to make money. They’re going to make movies, and we are going to watch them.  Some movies will be crappy, some movies will be great.

If I learned ANYTHING from attending Star Wars Celebration VI, it was that George Lucas has always targeted his movies towards kids, he’s all about kids, he believes Star Wars is ultimately for kids so it only makes sense that he sold it to Disney.  We are all lying if we say ‘no we’re not going to go watch them.’ OF COURSE we’re going to go watch the Star Wars movies.  I am just glad it’s a continuation and not a remake because, my heart, it’s not ready for THAT.

And for those that are worried about EU cannon-ness (or whatever the geeky terms are), of course they’re not necessarily going to stay true to it.  Look at the all the comic books that get made into movies, and Harry Potter Universe in movies, it doesn’t stay true to the books.  Some things work better in books, some things work better in the movies.  I don’t know why people are just so attached to something, …for in movement there is life, and in change there is power!

Additionally the TCW isn’t going to go on forever. I mean we all know where Anakin, Obi-wan and the clones are headed.


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A small bit on books of the SWEU

When I joined theFORCEbook over year ago, it was the first time I considered buying / reading Star Wars EU books.  I owned other Star Wars types of books (mostly character information and/or stuff about the Force) but not any actual story books that talked about content in-between the movies or the Expanded Universe.  My friend and I recently attended the Star Wars Celebration VI; it was our first “Star Wars Only” convention.  He’s been to a couple small ones before and I have only been to Super Mega Fest once in 2010.  There he learned a lot more about the SWEU, I told him thanks to many amazing and knowledge members on the tFb I was more in tuned with the SWEU, I also continued to tell him all about Mara Jade! Obviously.

He asked me for my recommendation of where he should start, that was a tough one to answer because I didn’t really start in any sort of order.  Thanks to my obsession with Boba Fett, I started with the Legacy of the Force books because that was what was recommended to me, especially because of Karen Traviss.  My friend told me that he’s really interested in the EU books because he’s at a book club and most of the women recommended books that indicated their true abysmal taste (see: Fifty Shades of Grey).  I told him that he should start somewhat in order, so I recommended the Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn (that’s what was recommended to me).  He also heard a lot about Darth Plagueis while we were at the Celebration, so he said that he’s going to pick that one up also.  I am also quite curious to pick up Darth Plagueis. Further at theFORCEbook at the Celebration party, there were many members and we started a huge discussion about the EU books.  I had said that I started the New Jedi Order Series books but after Chewbacca’s death, I was so traumatized that I couldn’t continue on, so they have been put on hold for a month or two for me.  (I should point out, obviously when I read LOTF books, I was aware that Chewbacca was already dead, however, I didn’t know how he died. I simply didn’t expect him to die the way he did in “Vector Prime” it was the most punk ass way to kill someone, especially such a major character).  So I had already had the Clone Wars books on my list but now I have the Republic Commandos books, and basically anything written by Karen Traviss.

Last night I got a text from my friend: At my book club I recommended some star wars books and they all laughed so I said ‘I tried to read 50 shades of nonsense and you guys can read a star wars book’ and it worked now I need a recommendation from you by next week.  So I thought about it, it took me about 30 seconds to come up with a recommendation, what did I write back? “The Courtship of Princess Leia.”

Granted it’s not Fifty Shades of Grey (I’d rather shoot myself that read THAT book) but I figured the women would appreciate a little chasing around for the princess and fighting bad guys and in the end when she realizes she’ll lose Han, she knows her decision’s already been made (Kind of like what happens to Amy in “Amy’s Choice” on Doctor Who, but I digress).