A New Year – A New Star Wars Obsession

A very quick overview of a Star Wars 2012 to a Star Wars 2013


2012 started out pretty great with watching Episode 1 in 3D at the theaters and receiving two collector’s item 3D Maul glasses that I eventually passed on to fellow theFORCEbook members.

Highlights of 2012 would most definitely have to be attending Celebration VI in August and meeting so many of my ‘online’ theFORCEbook and Twitter friends and making more friends while there.  It was definitely the highlight of my year, something that I will truly treasure.  Also attending The Super Mega Fest in November in Framingham, Ma (Also driving a car w/out adult supervision!)

I started to list a few of the wonderful Star Wars things that happened to me or items I possessed over the last year and turns out that the list would go on forever, so here are top ten (in random order):
1.    Helping start theFORCEbook Fangirls podcast with STRWRSGRL
2.    The Boba Fett Helmet as an anniversary present.
3.    The Boba Fett Action Figure I bought for myself
4.    The Star Wars shoe-laces from SWCVI.
5.    The Clock my friend gifted me while we were at SWCVI
6.    Winning a Raffle on theFORCEbook from ‘Cherry‘ and getting the Jedi Academy Trilogy books (and a Grievous figure – as a side bonus) ~ don’t judge me, I haven’t read them yet.
7.    Meeting cool Star Wars celebrities such as Daniel Logan, Jake Lloyd, David Prowse, Dave Filoni.


8.    The Smuggler’s Gambit and Star Wars in 60 minutes – the best performances I saw at Celebration VI.
9.    Relocating my lost Star Wars pin I bought at Megafest in 2010 and then had eventually lost it for a full year.
10.  And last but not least, my very cool – Mandalorian Mercs Poster with the caption ‘Teach your sons to be strong, your daughters to be stronger.’

The Future:

Things I wish I could do -of course- like any other Star Wars fan – Attend Celebration Europe but most definitely going to Disney Star Wars Weekend!

Attend the Super Mega Fest again in November 2013; it’ll definitely have to be an annual ritual from now.

Getting inked! 2011 was a big year for a very big Fett helmet, looking forward to saving money to add onto the half sleeve I have been longing to attain and achieving it in 2013. (Sadly there was no ink in 2012)

Halloween dressing-up-ness. 2012 was Han Solo so finding cool costume designs for 2013 is definitely a must!

Definitely collect more art! (Not sure how I will be saving any money for travel if I keep buying Star Wars things)

Cooking! It’s become an integral part of my lifestyle now, having moved to a new place in 2012 has given me a lot of space to work with and definitely looking forward to making some ‘star wars’ inspired dishes and strutting in my awesome apron I also got in ’12 (It really has been a great year!)

Finally, no post would be complete, no year would be complete if there wasn’t a mention of ‘the t-shirts’ (favorite t-shirt of the year) and continuing on to buying more and adding on to the awesome collection ♥

Have a happy (Force-filled) new year! And Looking forward to hearing from other fans about their excitements.  Also make sure to check out theFORCEbook.com if you still haven’t. My life wouldn’t have been this Star Wars-filled awesome if it wasn’t for it! (Also if you join you can get a cool post card in the mail from me!)

And remember, the Force will be with you, always.



“S@#* Happens…”

Thoughts on the Onderon Arc / Tipping Points and you know the other ‘Thing’

So I made the mistake of accidentally reading a review for Tipping Points and then I just waited for Steela to die. I would have liked to be surprised while watching the show but well S@#* Happens. It’s sad that she died because that just further confuses the Jedi path for Ahsoka since we would have liked to see Ahsoka not be seduced by the romantic side of the Force.  (And by ‘we’ I mean me)

Speaking of “S@#* Happens…” So Disney bought Star Wars huh? More like George Lucas sold Star Wars huh?

My favorite part (see: ridiculous) about George Lucas talking in one interview (paraphrasing) that HE said he wasn’t going to make 7, 8, 9 but that doesn’t mean Kathleen Kennedy wasn’t going to make 7, 8, 9… My reaction to that was basically “Okay, Palpatine.”  I never said I wasn’t Darth Sidious, no one asked me.



My other favorite quote about these exciting times of our lives was (by me) “It’s like when they cancelled enterprise and all the trekkies rioted.  They’re making all of us the Force users see the light outside our mom’s basement.”

But in all seriousness (or not) I personally don’t have a problem with Disney making the next Star Wars movies. I mean Disney is HUGE, no we really aren’t going to have Jedi wearing Mickey Mouse ears (honestly, calm your self).  Maybe I don’t know much about Disney, from what I have witnessed so far, many people from all walks of life hate them (Feminists, Asexuals, Lesbians, etc…).  But this is how I see it, um, they’re a corporation, they’re in it to make money. They’re going to make movies, and we are going to watch them.  Some movies will be crappy, some movies will be great.

If I learned ANYTHING from attending Star Wars Celebration VI, it was that George Lucas has always targeted his movies towards kids, he’s all about kids, he believes Star Wars is ultimately for kids so it only makes sense that he sold it to Disney.  We are all lying if we say ‘no we’re not going to go watch them.’ OF COURSE we’re going to go watch the Star Wars movies.  I am just glad it’s a continuation and not a remake because, my heart, it’s not ready for THAT.

And for those that are worried about EU cannon-ness (or whatever the geeky terms are), of course they’re not necessarily going to stay true to it.  Look at the all the comic books that get made into movies, and Harry Potter Universe in movies, it doesn’t stay true to the books.  Some things work better in books, some things work better in the movies.  I don’t know why people are just so attached to something, …for in movement there is life, and in change there is power!

Additionally the TCW isn’t going to go on forever. I mean we all know where Anakin, Obi-wan and the clones are headed.


PS: Join the discussion on theFORCEbook and tell other fans how you feel!

Star Wars Celebration VI!

The good news is I finally managed to figure out how to maneuver around the Star Wars Celebration site to figure out what panels are where and which ones I want to go to! Phew.  The bad news is, there’s too much to do and most of it doesn’t fit in one page of excel worksheet!

Quick List of panels and things I am definitely attending:

Thursday, August 23, 2012

1:30 pm: Fettastic (well, cuz, duh)

3:30 pm: Celebration Premiere of Star Wars in 60 minutes

5:00 pm: The Phantom Menace: Ian McDiarmid

6:00 pm: Frontlines: 100th Episode Podcast.

7:00 pm: Episode I, The Phantom Menace on the Big Screen.

Then: theFORCEbook party. You know about theFORCEbook party right?

Friday, August 24, 2012

10:30 am: The Holocron 101

12:00 pm: Super-Secret Star Wars Panel with Todd, Seth, and Matt!

1:30 pm: An Hour with Anthony Daniels


1:30 pm: Ralph McQuarrie Retrospective

4:00 pm – 6:00 pm: The Clone Wars Season Five Premiere Red Carpet + Premiere

7:00 pm – Episode III & IV on the Big Screen

Saturday, August 25, 2012

10:30 am: The Clone Wars with Dave Filone & Joel Aron

2:00 pm: Star Wars and NASA: Science Fiction & Science Fact.

3:30 pm: Star Wars Fan Groups United, Hosted by Daniel Logan (well, cuz, duh)

6:00 pm: Star Wars: Smuggler’s Gambit!

7:30 pm – Episode V and VI on the Big Screen

What I find interesting: Celebration Fan Mixer!

ALSO: COMPLETELY NOT FAIR to have JAT & Carrie Fisher from 6 to 9 pm. (I wonder if I can sneak in and out?!)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

10:30 am: Why We Love the Prequels (Because, I really need to know)

11:30 – 1:30: The Star Wars Tattoo Show

1:30 pm: Sam Witwer: The Maul Within

2:30 pm: Celebration VI Closing Ceremony!!

There’s definitely other stuff I want to check out that I will be checking out, but the above is sort of set in stone / in the brain for me.  I am going to do my best not to miss any of those.

(There is no try)

Also I have a pdf for all four days, of panels and screenings worth checking out, and the ones highlighted in yellow are a definite, and the peach are ‘I am strongly thinking about these.’ There’s a lot of flexibility in the schedule because I am also going with my friend and I can’t command the whole thing. Or maybe I could, or maybe I can do my own thing while my friend does his own thing! It’s all going to be awesome.

My Awesome celebration VI Schedule

What does your Star Wars collection say about you? (SWQotD)

A glimpse into mcjazzie’s world of tee-shirts.


Are you a collector? What do you collect? Where does your passion come from?

I definitely like having ‘stuff.’  As much as I claim to be a person who wants to unclutter their life, I most definitely have an attachment to things, whether it is emotional or financial.  I used to have clothes hanging in my closet that still had price tags on them but I wouldn’t donate them because I was attached to the money that was spent on them.  I have, thankfully, moved on from that phase in my life.

I want to collect Star Wars items. I do. I have posters that are still rolled up and sitting in the corner of my new apartment (that I moved in six months ago) because I can’t find the right frames for them and I have little collectable items I came across in garage sales or second hand stores that are still just piling up, accumulating dust.  

For this reason, I have relinquished figure collecting, and I suppose, put a halt on poster purchases as well.  (I genuinely have a Legolas poster still sealed up in my room that I bought back in 2004!).  However, I still do have a passion for one thing, a star wars related thing (most of the time) a passion for artsy – mash up – tee shirts.  When I first discovered sites such as teefury, riptapparel, or WootShirt, I had gone crazy with making at least two to three tee-shirt purchases on a weekly basis. My obsession for Star Wars is fairly new, but when I had made the conscious decision of throwing myself in this obsession, I wasn’t really ready for what was going to happen (I have been a Star Wars fan for more than half my life, I have been Star Wars obsessed since 2008).  This is pretty much what happened to me when I became obsessed with buying Tee-shirts.  

When I started buying tee-shirts so regularly, I was worried that I was going to be an equivalent of the social stigma of being “a cat lady.” I would just be old, single, and living in my Darth Vader tee-shirts.  So, I had to make a decision of where these shirts were going to be worn.  I couldn’t justify spending so much money on a weekly / monthly basis just so I can have tee-shirts to sleep in or wear during laundry days.  I have a 9 to 5, which is not casual.  I still needed to fund professional clothes for business meetings and outreach events that my company does occasionally.  So I was in sort of a dilemma (Although, it should be noted, this didn’t stop me from making the occasional tee-shirt purchase. My prized possession is still the Bat Fett tee!)

It started with “Casual Fridays” at work.  This was a great opportunity to wear my shirts with pride and be made fun of at work (It still happens).  Then there was my social networking night on Wednesdays.  I used to really get dressed up for these events. Honestly, you’d think I was going to a party or on a date or something.  That eventually got phased out to wearing a Star Wars mash up tee with jeans.  Although I still do the Indian flare and throw in a pair of fancy earrings.  My debut tee-shirt for Casual Tee Wednesday was “Star Wars Rock band” on a cold New England night in November 2009 that was tastefully paired with a matching scarf (Yeah, that’s a whole new topic, for those that aren’t already aware).

Over the past year, my purchase frequency has dramatically reduced.  Mainly because I do have a few shirts hanging in the closet that I haven’t worn extensively even though I love the design.  As a mass purchaser, I really needed to justify each item’s existence eventually, and I gathered that I should only buy tees in colors I like to wear, and would wear.  I have a few beige tee shirts that I tend to deviate from wearing out in social events and have mainly used them in the collection of “sleepy time tees” or “laundry day tees.”  Additionally, the still striving fashionista in me wears beige tee-shirts with blazers or hoodies mainly reserved as part of Fall / early Winter collection.

So, what does my collection say about me? Or, rather, what do I hope my collection says about me?

I definitely do not have the interior design talent or money to dedicate a section of my house to a museum theme, Star Wars figure collection mecca, so I collect tee-shirts. Why do I collect tee-shirts? Because, what good is an obsession, if you can’t share it with the world.  I am not going to invite the world to come and view my collection (not yet anyway), so I go out in the world and share my passion.  I buy tee-shirts that I would wear, that I do wear, it makes me happy, and it gives the general public a bit of a chuckle. We all win!

So what do I really want it all to say? That I am a fiscal conscientious fangirl with a drive for nerdy fashion being incorporated into daily life.  I support “Her Universe” although I cannot afford it!

(On a side note, I have also noticed that my favorite Star Wars tee-shirts are the ones that are vague in description. So it really takes a true geek to get them.  This is indeed my favorite kind of geek in existence. Here’s an example – Scum & Villainy)

Perhaps when I am old and gray, I can get these shirts woven together in quilt and be buried with them. Who knows, but so far, I think that’s an excellent idea.

  • Answer my Star Wars Question of the Day! So, what does your collection say about you? Let me know!

Also definitely looking forward to wearing some of my favorites at Star Wars Celebration!

theFORCEbook.com at Star Wars Celebration VI

Fb@SWCVI Party will be Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 @ 11:00PM EST

What is: FB@SWCVI Party?

A social gathering (see: party) for all theFORCEbook.com members that will be at the Star Wars Celebration VI, and those that cannot attend will be there in spirit (and joining in for the live podcast).

I. We will have a Fb@SWCVI Raffle, which will not be drawn until the party. So, staying tuned on theFORCEbook.com will let you know who won the drawings real-time.

II. We will be recording interviews of partygoers for a special edition of theFORCEbook Fangirls.

III. We will post pictures, audio and happenings from around the Star Wars Celebration show floor.

All proceeds go to theFORCEbook.com Party preparations and prizes. Enter multiple times to increase your chances or donate for a FORCEbook friend. Each donation will increase your odds to win that specific prize. Or, purchase a t-shirt today & have it shipped to you.

All the details can be found here: http://strwrsgrl.blogspot.com/p/fbswcvi.html