“I’m semi speechless.” ~ Hondo

My random notes from “Revival” – The Clone Wars Season 5, episode 1.


Given that I was utterly disappointed with Season 4 openers – the business with the water creatures and some innocent prince and Ackbar being in the middle of all this and honestly Jar Jar to the rescue? I had hoped but not expected the Season 5, episode 1 to be any better.  The best openers so far, truly have been “Clone Cadets & Arc Troopers.  Given that the episodes are never in order unless it’s a ‘trilogy’ I don’t understand why the ‘Water War’ & ‘Gungan Attack’ couldn’t have been placed in the middle of the series, honestly, starting the season off with “Nomad Droids” would have been a lot better even though that’s also in my ‘top list’ of five episodes I hated the most.

Moving along, I have watched the episode twice so far. I watched it quickly on Saturday afternoon before leaving for an errand and second time during my lunch break at work.  For the second time, I listened to most of the beginning rather than physically watching the show.  I enjoyed the “Maul” intro music a lot.  (I also think I read somewhere that it’s the same as from TPM – but I am mostly tone deaf so I couldn’t tell ya. – On another side note: I also have listened to the entire Original Trilogy movie on my iPod w/out watching it and I definitely appreciated the music that creeped through).

What I liked: “Let us share our strength, there’s no need for dominance between us.” ~ I love this because it really does show Maul’s true sithness in the sense that – it foreshadows his demise.  He’s too cocky, he wants to lead, he wants to own his brother, he doesn’t want to share his power, and we all know what happens to someone when they want to keep all the power to himself (Also read: The Emperor in ROTJ).  Additionally, there’s talk / rumors that Sidious will be the one that kills Maul and Opress so that would be a bit ironic!

I’ve also noticed that my favorite episodes usually (the ones that don’t involve clones) are the ones with a serious and deep darkness about them (hence the pure hatred towards ‘nomad droids’ and pure love for ‘darkness of umbara’ to ‘carnage of krell’).  I loved the darkness feel of the episode.  The way Savage killed the Jedi, I don’t know much (or anything) about Adi Gallia, to me she just seemed quite young and innocent and (granted this is a kids show really) the darkness of killing off an innocent was intense.  You know, these brothers aren’t kidding around, they’re partnering with backstabbing pirates and killing Jedi – it’s awesome.

Other question(s): Is this the first time we see Obi-wan dueling with two lightsabers? I also have the worst memories when it comes to remembering these things or character names.  The amounts of times I confuse Lumiya to Luminara is ridic. In any case, it’s always great to see a dual lightsabre duel with Asajj and Ahsoka so it was awesome to watch the Obi-wan get some proper action!

What I didn’t like: the new sort of animation, not sure what the word for it is, and Palpatine and Yoda’s hair.  Also, I wish there were words to the look Anakin gave Obi-wan.

Favorite quotes (besides EVERYTHING Hondo says):

“Throwing in with pirates now? My how the mighty Sith have fallen.”

“The Sith are persistent, they will not die!”

What I am looking forward to: Sidious killing Ahsoka, however that’s probably not going to happen but a girl can dream!